Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Moving Right Along With An All Ti Nebuli."

Whoa, another one already?
As with all the Nebulii this one features a Titanium integral frame.
This is the 2nd. of  3 that will feature a .125 thick Ti blade.
Teflon washers, and a Ceramic detent ball make for smooth blade deployment.
All Ti hardware, custom thumb disk,  lock bar stop pin & pivot, this is a fine choice for the Salt Water enthusiast.
.375 thick, 1.000 wide, and 2.500 long closed, and 3.875 opened.
Actual cutting edge is 1.500 in length.
ATTN: If you are not proficient in knife sharpening, I'd suggest waiting for one of the S30-V bladed models.
Price on this one is $375.00 USA, and $390.00 for other destinations. !!SOLD!!
A USPS Money Order will work as well.
Please send an Email to  to purchase this one.
Tushie cat kept getting in the photo, so she became the backdrop;)
That's it for more surprises,


Kenn Jordan Jr. said... people are a quick bunch.
This one is SOLD as well.
Again, a hearty thank you all.

Wes said...

Nice snag again! Your right Kenny. They are a quick bunch ;)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

I believe someone actually read the previous post all the way through, and caught the "Stay tuned...Hint, hint" at the bottom.
I had an "I'll take it" Email even before the blog finished loading w/ my slow satellite internet connection.