Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Alrighty then, Who's Paying Attention Here?"

It's time!!
Let's find the Nebuli SE9 a new home.
Specs from the Teaser post:
This one gets the "9" designation, cuz that's how far I pimped it.
As with all the Nebulii this one features a Titanium integral frame.
This is the 1st. to feature a .125 thick Ti blade though..
I also made up the custom thumb disk as well.
The cross hatching is something I had been wanting to employ, and finally got around to doing it.
Teflon washers, and a Ceramic detent ball make for smooth blade deployment.
Blue glow dots along the spine, and a wee blue self lighting gas vial installed in the lock bar round this one out.
It even comes equipped with a matching blue anodized Ti Mini Triple Cube.
.375 thick, 1.000 wide, and 2.500 long closed, and 3.875 opened.
Actual cutting edge is 1.500 in length.
ATTN: If you are not proficient in knife sharpening, I'd suggest waiting for one of the S30-V bladed models.
Price on this one is $415.00 USA, and $425.00 for other destinations. !!SOLD!!
OCONUS folks, please be aware that I'm not responsible for the item once it hits the PO.
A USPS Money Order will work as well.
First person to send an Email to  gets to call it theirs.
Thanks so much for the support folks..............Stay tuned....Hint, hint;)


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...'s SOLD!!
Thanks much,

Wes said...

Looks like I did not even stand a chance haha. Congrats to the new owner :)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

No kidding eh?
I had 4 tabs open on the desktop, two were pre edited w/ "sold", and stock "you missed it" Emails.
I still couldn't keep up w/ just hitting

melman8r said...

I promise to post pics... :)