Sunday, February 28, 2016

Funnel Cube SUS

Hi kids,
I have 3 "Funnel Cubes" I'm offering today via a Sign Up Sale.
Made from Super Conductor with a .900 cubed outside dimension featuring a 3D interpolated funnel feature in all 6 sides.
These have a warm feel in hand, and the patterns between the Copper & Niobium are mesmerizing.
There are only the three at the moment, I might do a few more in the near future.

USA price = $300.00
OCONUS price = $325.00 

Sign up is Closed, and entry page link disabled.
Here are the winners:
7     Vyse Long John Alberic    
19     Kaptein James Fishhawk    
11     Roronoa Gavin Zahab

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.

Thanks folks,

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nebuli Mach III SUS

Hello all,
Today I have for your consideration one last  Nebuli Mach III knife.

 Physical specs:
One piece Chad Nichols forged Moku-Ti integral frame in a heat anodized finish.

In the interest of full disclosure, this one has a wee issue in the Moku-Ti frame at the tail end.
Twas nothing I did, but rather a flaw in the material itself. Have a look at the pic, you can barely see it however I want it known it's there eh. This does not effect functionality in any way. Maybe I'm just being anal about it, but I've also discounted the price for this piece as well.

Again due to said "issue" I went ahead, and added some bells & whistles to make up for it.
Such as the S.E.T.I. frame cut outs, a Self Lighting Gas Vial in Green added to the lockbar, and additionally a custom  Moonglow thumb disk.

Blade material is Chad Nichols forged Stainless Steel Damascus, wonderfully etched. and finish ground by Tom Krein.
.375 thick, 1.000 wide, and 2.500 closed, and 3.875 opened.
Actual cutting edge is 1.500 in length.

Price = $750.00
USA shipping via USPS Insured Priority Mail.
OCONUS shipping via USPS Priority International Mail. I'm not responsible for lost/stolen international packages once I drop them off at the Post Office.

Sign up is Closed, and entry page link disabled.
Here's the winner:
6 Atomsk Roger Thoas
Winning Email notifications are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder.
Thank you,


Friday, February 19, 2016

One Off Pagoda Cube In Super Conductor Auction

 Hello there peoples,
Let's have an auction for this one off  "Pagoda Cube In Super Conductor".
It's called the Pagoda Cube because if you hold it at the correct angle the interior features each resemble a little Japanese temple. I also find it to be very MC Escheresque.
This Cube measures .900*.900*.900.
High bidder wins.......... :)
An Email will be sent at the Auctions end with payment info from
Also I have enabled the "Anti sniping feature", so the auction may run past the 9:00pm Saturday 2/20 stated end time.
USA shipping will  be via USPS insured Priority Mail.
OCONUS via USPS Priority Intentional, and I'm not responsible for the package once I drop it at the post office.
Alrighty then I think that about covers things?
This auction is over, and the bidding link has been disabled.
Thank you to all who participated, and congratulations to the winner with a high bid of 
Thanks folks,