Friday, July 24, 2009


Hey kids,
 Here is the updated version of the MICRO BIT TWIST.  Made from 316 series stainless steel the physical dimensions are .365 thick by .650 high (not including the bit) and .618 over the .3125 radii, with a .250 hex milled .350 deep.
  The difference between this one and the first four pieces is the hex is now offset to allow more leverage, and I opted for a #8-32 ss socket set screw instead of the #6-32. I had thought of using a set screw with a ball detent, but that proved to be cost prohibitive as they averaged $5.65 each.
  But wait there's more, I'll also be including a #2 Phillips bit as well as a short arm 5/64 Allen wrench with each piece.
Thanks for stopping by,  Kenn