Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Anodizing Adventure"

Hello all,
I've had this Ti Drive sitting around waiting for some special attention.
So while I was anodizing a few Ti Mini Cubes I decided to do a reverse anodize on it.
The process for this involves the negative lead (cathode) being attached to the ferrule on a paintbrush while the positive lead (anode) is attached to the work piece.
Wetting the brush with the electrolyte, and the power supply voltage at the desired setting you brush the part.
Different spectrum colors are obtained by the length of time the brush is left in one location.
Note that I also added a glow powder epoxy mixture to the slot near the lanyard hole.
Thanks for looking, Kenn
This one has been spoken for...:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Ti Mini Triple Cubes"

Hi there folks,
Here we have the latest in my ongoing "Cube" series.
These little guys are made of Titanium, and are .450 square.
I have to say they were a bit of a pill to machine, as the burrs kept folding into the previously machined side. I had to machine all 6 sides twice to remedy this.
I'm finding them to be the perfect size for use as a lanyard bead
The ones in the left picture will be arriving at Moore Cutlery this week.
The picture to the right is just a serving suggestion.
Stock is on order for a future run as well.
As always thanks for looking, Kenn

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"How's about an Auction?"

Well now, I haven't had an Auction in quite some time.
Here for your consideration is a one of a kind Brass Lantern.
This features a Rexolite tube insert to protect the Orange Self Lighting Gas Vial.
Captivation is achieved via a 5/16-18 socket set screw. The set screw has been drilled to allow for extra SLGV viewing.
The body is made of 360 series Brass, and measures .604 over the flats X 1.875 in length.
All six sides have viewing slots.
No reserve...It will find a new owner tonight....!!SOLD!!
Thanks to all who stopped in, and to the participants.


Monday, October 4, 2010

"Knife News"

Hey there Folks,
Just a little update on the Knives.
The Blades should be on their way to the Heat Treaters today.
I was able to piggy back them along with another makers lot.
I'm hoping to have them back in a couple weeks.
So there you have it, Kenn