Thursday, April 17, 2014


Thought I'd sneak one in on ya
Up for consideration I have 28 new bottle openers called  "BroBIA's", or Bronze Beverage Imbibing Accessory.
These are made from 954 series Bronze, and measure .265 thick, x .625 high, and 1.950 in length.
Purposes are the cap lifter, use of the thumb jimping as an assist for twist off caps.
All pieces feature a bead blasted finish.
Sign up is Closed.
Winners will be randomly generated, and notified via Email with payment info.
Winning Email notifications are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder.
USA= $55.00
OCONUS = $64.00
Out of 95 entrants, here are the winners:
88 shogan

7 Jan

68 Beer Geek

80 Me pee tee

56 Murray S

89 Brian A

66 ce

5 Randy L

55 Mark D

72 JSA

27 James G

12 Hops M

35 Christopher B

51 Eric

50 e-man

38 Mark C

95 Billy S

15 Undead

21 Kyle K

81 Jordoniowa

6 CW

28 Chris W

61 Mark S

94 nick

90 Justin B

1 scotty h

59 Michael

20 Matt B
Thank you kindly,

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello all,
I'm still awaiting funds/contact from 2 folks who won Brass Hex "O" Lights from last Sundays SUS.
I'm not into tracking folks down, or hounding them for funds.
You have 24 hours to contact me thru the payment Email that was sent to you after the sale ended.
After that time, I will let them go to the 1st. two people whom have already inquired if I had any that went unpaid for.
I think a weeks time is plenty, to have contacted me. If you were short on funds, that's fine, but a message saying so would have been appreciated.
I truly hope the 2 folks see this, and can claim their Lanterns.
UPDATE: I received no word from the original 2 winners, so the Lanterns went to 2 folks I had on standby.
If this issue should occur in the future, I will redraw from the initial sign up sale list.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The last of the Brass Pea Whistles SUS

Hi kids,
Here they are, the last 28 Brass Pea Whistles.
Physical Specs:
360 Series Brass 1.625 long x 1.000 high, and .625 thick, featuring a 6mm Air Soft pellet as the Pea.
The finish is just plain right out of the CNC.
USA = $70.00
OCONUS = $89.00
Sign up is closed.
Everyone entered has won.
Payment Emails will be sent momentarily.
Thank you,