Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trover Tool Sign Up Sale

Well hello there,
Up for your consideration today I have 38 of the new "Trover" tools.
While I've had this designed, modeled, and all programed up since 2013 I finally got around to making them.
Made from .200 thick Gr38 5al-2.5v-1.5fe Titanium, they feature my popular bottle opener design, a 1/4" hex hole, as well as a pry/screwdriver tip.
Finish is the raw plate stock nicely stonewashed post machining.
USA price = $65.00
OCONUS price = $96.00
Sign up is Closed
Here are the winners:

Hit em with the hein
39 Brass City
5 Szpirglas Benoit Acorne
12 fredericofreire
29 Robert Romulus Wu
48 wannabemrsking
4 Squirrelbeard La Garrigan
27 Richard
1 F350Crewaazer
43 rugerfanuk
20 Diego Santana Benoit Bones
49 Sherri
21 Dwead Piwate Woberts
38 Scott
33 Kilt McBeardman
32 Grant Ringdoctor
8 Chief
24 Samuel Du Pirate
35 LeFwee Quartermaster
22 All4themetal
2 Mutiny Henry Berry
31 Booch
17 Red Du Hodgers
7 Fishhawk Angstrom Ayrton
37 ichem
34 Randy g
11 gmerin
9 Juan Du Roger
26 Gavin de la Merrick
30 Captain Furuuru
18 Monkey La Gutt
47 Mako32
44 Captain Obvious
10 Bluebeard Heng
6 w00t1976
45 kelly o
23 Grumpyer1
13 Baldimar Huerta
Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
I'll be doing another larger run of Trovers in the near future. :)
Thank you all,