Sunday, March 20, 2011

"One Rocker Lantern Available"

Hey all,
I know I had posted below that none of the Rocker Lanterns were available, but that has changed.
One is now looking for a new home.
This is one of only three made, and there will not be others.
Included with this one is an Atwood Landslide that I have added Glow Dots to.
I'm asking $205.00 !!Sold!!
A few additional pictures can be seen in the previous post.
Please Email if you're interested.
Thanks for looking,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Ridiculously Large Lanterns"

Hey folks,
I came into a few large Self Lighting Gas Vials a while back, and here's what became of them.

Titanium end caps .400 x 1.250 x 2.000.
Six .250 diameter Lucite rods.
One Green .200 dia. x 2.562ish SLGV.
Over all assembled length is 3.250.
Weighing in at 2.9 ounces.
I'm calling them "Rocker Lanterns" as when you lie them length wise they rock with the touch of a finger....duh?
Sorry to tease, but these aren't for sale...:(
Enjoy the photos folks,


Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Just A Few Ti Lights"

Hello people,
Seem as if it's been forever since I posted a sale.
Well here we go.
Hows about a few  "Ti Lights" for ya all?
These are made from .500 diameter 6AL4V Titanium, and are 1.270 in length. There are four viewing portals featuring five .093 diameter holes with a 45 degree counter sunk slot. These have a nice satin Scotch Brite finish on them. Inside is a 3mm x 23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial. Once again the Vial is captivated by the para cord lanyard.
Here's what's available:
0 Pieces in Plain Satin finish, with Green anodized slots and a Green vial. (The 2 on the left in the photo) !!Sold!!
0 Pieces in Plain Satin finish, and a Green vial. !!Sold!!

***You can find a few other variants at Moore Cutlery as well.***

CONUS Price on these is $95.00.
If you're interested please Email with your color choice as well as your payment preference.
As always thanks for looking,