Monday, March 30, 2009


This is the "Encapsulator" made from 6061-t6 aluminum. The outer dimensions are 2 inches long x 3/4 diameter. Inner dimensions are 1 3/4 long x 13/32 diameter. The threads are a  17/32-32 pitch with an "O" ring for a weather tight seal. Put in spare cash, meds, matches or whatever you like that fits :)                              

"Porto Span"

Here we have a tool for adjusting the pivot pin on a Strider knife. It is made from 316 series stainless steel and features both the spanner for the large Strider knives (NOT FOR THE PT MODEL) as well as an 1/8 hex wrench. The two halves screw together using a 1/4-28 thread with an "O" ring at the bottom of the thread to keep debris out. Dimensions are 3/8 thick x 5/8 wide x 1 &  3/8 long.
                                       ATTENTION PLEASE:
If  you have not adjusted the pivot pin on your Strider knife before, I suggest that you hold the end of the knife with the pivot pin in very hot if not boiling water for a minute to loosen any thread lock (Loctite) that the good folks at Strider may have applied.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Plexi Cube"

This one is cool, I can't take credit for the design though(saw it somewhere on the web).
It is made from a solid piece of 1" square plexiglass. All six sides have a 3/4 diameter circle milled into them so that it becomes two pieces with the center captivated by the outer square.
I also modified one of my "Cubes" to make a neat little stand for it. None available I only made this one.

Plain "Cube"

Here is another "Cube" it is the same as the one the one below but with a tumbled finish instead of anodize.

                                             !! No longer available !!

Gold Anodized Triple cube

This one is the "Triple Cube" a cube inside a cube inside a cube. made from 1" square aluminum stock then gold anodized. I include a small split ring that can be attached so it can be used as a key fob or zipper pull.
                                                !! No longer Avaiable!!

"The Cube"

This is "The Cube" made from 1" square aluminum stock and then black hard coat anodized. Is a ball with four square satellites and thru holes. One cube is drilled thru to accept a small split ring for use as a key fob, zipper pull or what have you. This was my first for sale item. 

Aluminum Puzzle

Here is a picture of a puzzle I made from 6061-T6 aluminum. Each leg is 1/4 x 1/2 x 2" long. Stone media tumbled for a nice smooth finish.