Monday, March 30, 2009

"Porto Span"

Here we have a tool for adjusting the pivot pin on a Strider knife. It is made from 316 series stainless steel and features both the spanner for the large Strider knives (NOT FOR THE PT MODEL) as well as an 1/8 hex wrench. The two halves screw together using a 1/4-28 thread with an "O" ring at the bottom of the thread to keep debris out. Dimensions are 3/8 thick x 5/8 wide x 1 &  3/8 long.
                                       ATTENTION PLEASE:
If  you have not adjusted the pivot pin on your Strider knife before, I suggest that you hold the end of the knife with the pivot pin in very hot if not boiling water for a minute to loosen any thread lock (Loctite) that the good folks at Strider may have applied.


Unknown said...

Very Cool item :) Are these still available?

Any chance of making a smaller spanner tool for the Strider PT model? So far I don't think ANYONE make one....I think it would be very popular....


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thank You,
Moore Cutlery has a few with more to come soon.

As for as one to fit the PT, it shouldn't be a problem so I'll look into it.

Thanks again,

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

I should be returning to work by the end of January, so I hope to have a Hinderer model available shortly after that...:)

thepaintballguy said...

Did you ever come out with a Hinderer model Kenn? Curious.

thepaintballguy said...

Never mind...I found it! ;-)
Spanner Bullet