Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Red Brass Perf Cubes"

Hi all,
Here we have my new "Red Brass Perf Cubes".
I had made a one off in Aluminum for my Daughter some time ago.
Well quite a few folks expressed interest in it, so I decided to make a small run of them.
Physical dimensions:
.9375 square.
.750 dia. inner sphere with .1875 dia. holes.
.3125 square satellite cubes with .125 dia. holes.
After machining, I gave these a nice  brushed Scocth Brite finish.
Price on these is $35.00. !!SOLD!!
If you'd like to make a purchase, please Email your request to
Thanks for looking, Kenn

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

" JMA End Of The Year Report"

As the end of 2010 approaches, I'd like to thank everyone for your interest, and support.
It has been a banner year for me, and JMA. After recovering from the Spinal Surgery I even surprised myself with the amount of projects I came up with, and was able to offer. All while working the full time day job.
I guess I'm on the right track with my creations, as I haven't a thing left to offer for sale.
You folks have been amazing, and I'm humbled with every sale.
This next week I'll be on vacation, and plan to finally finish up the long awaited Knives.
I also have planned a run of the Pea Whistles, and if there's time a few of the Bic Buddies as well.
In closing, I hope to keep you all enthralled with new creations in the coming New Year.
Merry Christmas all, Kenn

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hello all,
I hope this finds you in fine Holiday spirits.
It seems like it's been quite a while since I've had any goodies to offer up, so here you go.
These are the "Spoolies". They were a "Cube" incarnation that went awry.
Me being me I couldn't see pitching them, so I came up with these.
They are .900" in diameter X .900 in length.
The 6061-T6 Aluminum ones weigh a respectable .6 oz. !!SOLD!!
The Red Brass come in at a hefty 1.8 oz.  !!SOLD!!
Use em as zipper pulls for coats, or back packs.
Maybe as a key fob, or whatever else your devious mind can come up with.
Each one will come with 1' of para cord pre threaded, and ready for you to tie it to your item.
I only have 4 of each available, and I'm not planning to do another run.
Pricing on these is $30.00 each.
If you'd like to make a purchase, please send an Email to
Thank you folks, Kenn