Saturday, August 28, 2010

"A Break From Knives"

Hi all,
1st. let me thank everyone for their patience on my "Knife" project.
Things are moving forward.
Also, I had to start an "Interest" list as the response has been overwhelming.
I currently have 3 times more names on the list than I'll have knives available, and have closed the list.
With that said I'm taking a break from the kinves today, and starting a run of my "Ti Lights". (scroll down the page if you're unaware of what they are.)
As soon as they are finished up, and the "SLGV's" arrive I'll be posting them for sale.
Stay tuned, and as always thanks for playing along.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Quick Update"

Hey Kids,
This is just a quickie update.
I'm at the shop as I'm typing this, running out the "Blade Grind" operation.
Hopefully I can get them off to the Heat Treaters this week.
So I'm getting ever closer to the end of this Knife project.
Thanks for stopping by, Kenn

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"The Blades Are In Process"

Hi Folks,
Here's what was accomplished between Saturday, and yestarday.
The 1st. opp. was to mill 1/2 of the profile. (Saturday)
After a quick fixture adjustment the 2nd. opp was completed. (yesterday)
I'm at the shop now adding the rough blade grinds to both sides of the blades.

And here are the pics of todays mission.
The 1st. one shows the profiled blade in the fixture I made to add the grinds. To add the grinds to the opposite side I flip the blade to the left, and turn on the mirror image function in the machining center control for the "X" axis.
The 2nd. photo shows a blade all roughed out.
I hope you're enjoying the WIP on these,