Monday, October 18, 2010

"Ti Mini Triple Cubes"

Hi there folks,
Here we have the latest in my ongoing "Cube" series.
These little guys are made of Titanium, and are .450 square.
I have to say they were a bit of a pill to machine, as the burrs kept folding into the previously machined side. I had to machine all 6 sides twice to remedy this.
I'm finding them to be the perfect size for use as a lanyard bead
The ones in the left picture will be arriving at Moore Cutlery this week.
The picture to the right is just a serving suggestion.
Stock is on order for a future run as well.
As always thanks for looking, Kenn


Wes said...

These look so neat Kenny! the colors you manged to bring out on those anodized ones is killer!

Another fine addition to the cube series :)

Jewelry, Art and function all in one!

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks Wes,
I've been toting one around on my Emerson lanyard the last few days, and strangers have stopped me to ask about it. They could care less about the knife.