Saturday, December 31, 2011

"2011 New Years Eve Sale"

Hey there,
Let's get right to it so you all can carry on with your New Years Eve festivities.

Here's what's available this evening:
All 3 of these have CPM S30-V blades, and I'm thinking by now most of you know the physical & tech info, so I'll skip it.

0 Standard Plain Model Nebuli SE's with hand rubbed Scotch Brite satin finish.
$315.00 each, w/ Pay Pal, and insured USPS Priority Mail Inclusive to USA destinations. !!SOLD!!
0 Standard Plain Model Nebuli SE, featuring a Checkered frame. !!SOLD!!
Email me at to make a purchase.
I'll have a few more w/ some extra features tomorrow afternoon, so stop on by;)
I'm truley humbled by all the continued support, and patronage you folks have shown me this year, and hope the coming year is a great one for us all.


Wes said...

these are very nice Kenny but I will take my chances and wait for another model :)

good luck everyone


eman said...


I pass on purchase of one of these beauties.

Congrats to the soon to be owners!

Best wishes for health and success!


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Different models coming tomorrow that may be to your liking;)

On another note, I neglected to mention that on the checkered ones I moved my makers mark to the but end of the frame. If you look close in the photo you'll see a "flat" section to the left of the lanyard hole area.

eman said...


I liked the "bobbed" end design of the checkered handle frame.
I am sure it looks great with the "maker's mark" located on this portion.