Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Just A Preview....Not Yet Available"

Alright folks,
Here's a preview of what I mean by "Special" on the Nebuli SE's.
The Nebuli SE 9.  NOT FOR SALE....yet.
This one gets the "9" designation, cuz that's how far I pimped it.
As with all the Nebulii this one features a Titanium integral frame.
This is the 1st. to feature a Ti blade though.
I also made up the custom thumb disk as well.
The cross hatching is something I had been wanting to employ, and finally got around to doing it.
Teflon washers make for smooth blade deployment.
Originally it had a Stainless detent ball, but the way it dragged along the Ti blade made for a gritty feeling. I've since swapped it out for a Ceramic one that took care of the issue.
Blue glow dots along the spine, and a wee blue self lighting gas vial installed in the lock bar round this one out.
Thanks for having a look,


EDCGeek said...


That's absolutely beautiful!! What a craftsman!

I can't wait to see the rest.

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks much...:)

Peter Atwood said...

I already saw and handled the checkered frame and it was sweet. I didn't realize you were going to add the glow in the backspacer area and lockbar though. Way cool!

Wes said...

Wow that is a real Gem Kenny!

There are a few features I am really digging here...
The new counter sunk pivot screw with that square around it is slick!! Also the new thumb disk on the blade is a very cool design upgrade from the originals. Lastly the color scheme and that frame pattern are a really nice touch. It all seems to flow together very nicely.

Any idea on price and sale time Kenny?

Keep up the awesomeness my friend ;)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Glad you all are digging it.

This one will run $100.00 more than the basic plain Jane models which are $315.00.
I'd like to get a couple more ready before having a sale.
Most likely it'll be right after New Years.

vegassprky said...

Wow such a very nice one, very impressed with it!!!! Your starting to scare me with this level of beauty of the pieces you create!!! OK enough of this you'll need a bigger hat! Keep it up Kenn great stuff!!!! Gary (<:

rugerfanuk said...

Wow! That is fantastic! Keep them comming. :-)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks again for the kind words all....

Unknown said...

Nice - real nice - ETA? If my wife sent me pretty pictures like this I would call her a "Tease":}

Unknown said...

What are the closed length of this little sucker?

Unknown said...

How well does a Ti blade cut?

eman said...


I love the extra machining of the checkered frame, and the

Fantastic work!


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Closed length on these is 2.5".
The Ti blade will not hold up like the Steel ones, but I did carbidize one side of the blade which will help edge retention.
The plus side is it won't rust.

Good to hear from ya, and thanks for the comments.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ken - the perfect size for us desktop warriors - I hope you throw in some steel blade checkered patterns into the mix - funds set aside for the pimped out checkered.