Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Just got the Blades Back From Heat Treat"

I must say that was a quick turn around from the Heat Treaters.
So I suppose it's time to get these moving along.
The bad news is that I only have a few hours available on Saturday morning to do anything with them.
I honestly wasn't expecting them this soon, and have plans in place for the rest of the weekend.


Bob Pattie said...

Awesome!!! Damn that was quick Kenn! Can't wait my dude.

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when they called yesterday to say they were all set to pick up.

eman said...


Nice pic of the blades!
Great news with the blades. You have them at hand, and can work them into Your very busy schedule. Better than the blades sitting in a box waiting for the heat treat...



Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks John,
I'm hoping to have a little surprise for Sunday.....

Wes said...

Here we go again!! Round two DING DING!!


You making time for all that Christmas shopping as well Kenny? :P

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Regrettably Wes, I must admit I have yet to enter a single store this Holiday Season.
There's still 10 days right?

Wes said...

HAHA. I am in the same boat Kenny. To be honest I hate holiday shopping.

10 days is plenty...... ;)