Friday, June 17, 2011

"V2 Ti Drive"

Well hello again,
This evening I have a few "Version 2 Ti Drives" available.
The last time I made my original "Ti Drives" I wasn't immediately able to get the 16GB Micro Cruzers I usually use.
I purchased 4 of the regular ones in the hopes that they would be the same inside after breaking them out of their plastic housings.....not even close.
I did find the Micro Cruzers to complete the  original drives, but had the 4 others left over.
So a little designing, and here is what I came up with.
Simpler than the originals in that they are fixed instead of the USB being able to retract, hence the lower pricing.
I decided to leave the machining marks on these just for a change of pace.
For what it's worth I will not be making this version again, and there are 5 in total.

Here's what I have available:
0 Plain. !!Sold!!
0 Blue anodized. !!Sold!!
0 Spectrum anodized. !!Sold!!
USA your price is $115.00.
Please send an Email to  if you're interested.
Thanks folks,


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Hey kids,
I suppose you may be wondering what's up with the price reductions on these.
Well, I have the opportunity to purchase a new watch, and am trying to garner the funds to complete the deal.

Wes said...

Kenny these are very cool! I am surprised that these are still here with the price reductions ;)

we both know why I cant pull the trigger LOL
oh the joys of owning a new house haha. Good luck with the watch purchase my friend. I expect to see pics ya know


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks Wes,
Either everyone spent their $$$ at Blade, or on the forums buying the stuff folks had to sell for spending too much at
I'm really not a watch kinda gut, but this one is just calling my name. The dealer has been kind enough to give me a chance to come up with the funds. I'm sure he could have sold it several times over already.
Pics if I get it fer sure...:)