Friday, June 3, 2011

"One Off 3.5" Mega Ti Light"

Hi all,
Today I have an interesting "one off" Ti light for your consideration.
This is made from  .500 diameter 6AL4V Titanium, and is 3.5" in length.
It has 4 viewing slots featuring 17 holes each.
Inside is a Green .200 dia. x 2.562ish self lighting gas vial.
The vial is held in via a 1/4-20 ss set screw.
I drilled through the set screw for yet another viewing option.
At the top of the lantern is a copper inlay for added niftyness.
This piece has a nice satin finish.
Price for USA folks is $165.00. **SOLD**
If you're interested, please Email me at
Thanks for your consideration,


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Well now 23 minutes....that was a quick one:)
Thanks folks,

Wes said...

Dam Kenny! now that is a pimp lantern. Looks like it could do some damage as a kubaton if needed ;)

John if that was you congrats on it ;) and if not congrats to the lucky owner.

Kenny...bring on the whistles :p


p.s. i had no troubles with the messaging but for some reason the blogger made me re sign up or login in again which was unusual.

Swamp Yankee said...

Awesome! Kubaton??? Sounds like a good idea.

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Yep it is Kubatonish...;)
Whistles...yeah I know.
Still trying to perfect the design, and I won't be defeated...hehehe

Swamp Yankee,
Stay tuned, as I do have an idea for a Kubaton that I'm fairly certain hasn't been done before. Though is is toward the bottom of my todo list.

Anonymous said...

ok, now that's pretty cool
i keep almost going for one of these
especially with orange light
but i've hesitated on the ones
where the lanyard retains the vial
set screw though, that seems right
so how about on the smaller ones?

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Hey there,
Glad ya dig it:)
Now there were a couple of reasons I have been doing the lanyard captivation.
#1 is there's no chance of over tightening the set screw, and breaking the vial.
#2 it becomes another operation in the process.
With that said though, I have some 3/8 diameter Titanium that needs to get used.
I suppose I could do a slim Ti Light, and incorporate the set screw into them since I'll be editing my programs for the smaller diameter any way.

Anonymous said...

ah, i see,
and i suppose you could put
a shoulder on the inner bore
but that adds yet another operation
what about a smaller set screw
inset perpendicular instead?
no risk to the vial,
but you'd lose the extra viewport
slim Ti would be great!
with orange ;)
btw, posting anonymous due to
problems with google ID :(

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

I do have a shoulder between the vial diameter, and the set screw convergence:)
The vials aren't exactly 23mm long.
I've had them vary +-.030.
I'm adverse to having a short vial rattle, or a long one get cracked by the set screw.
I'll come up with a solution though...;)
I've searched all the Blogger help with the "Anonymous" issue to no avail.
Checked all my setting too.

Anonymous said...

030 is a surprising variance
for what seems like it should be
a tightly engineered item
but then again most applications
stick them down flat
whereas you are getting
all 360 degrees out of it
assuming diameter is a
much more consistent dimension
what about a drop of loctite
at the opposite end
to prevent rattling?
would that also hold it
in place well enough?
would it still be replaceable
when i come back to you
after the tritium dims
in 25 years? ;)
ps - i hope you don't mind
me doing a bit of vicarious
product design with you here
(old habits)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Don't get me wrong, 95% of the vials are all the same. The diameters have always been spot on too.
As for adding Loctite, or an epoxy I'd rather not.
I strive to keep the replacement of the vial simple, so anyone can do it if need be;)
No trouble with the questions, I enjoy shop talk.