Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Bic Buddies"

Okay kids,
After a long while fiddling with the design on these I finally have a few available.
These are made from Grade 2 commercially pure Titanium with a bead blast finish.
They press onto the end of the regular size Bic lighters.
The screwdriver bit has been carbidized for a little extra wear resistance.
Using the fulcrum method these make a nice bottle opener while protecting the lighter from chipping.
Each one comes with the SS split ring as in the photo, and a brand new Bic in my choice of color
USA folks, your price is $60.00.
Alas I posted these on a forum last night with the intention of listing them here as well.
Well, I lost my satellite Internet before that could happen, my apologies folks:(
!!All Sold, Thanks!!
Moore Cutlery will be receiving 6 pieces as well.
Please send an Email to: if you're interested.
Thanks for looking,


Swamp Yankee said...

wow those look sweet! Glad you mentioned that bottle-opening with a lighter wasn't affected by adding a BB. Nice work!

Wes said...

Great design Kenny. The colors turned out stellar on these! ;)


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks guys,
I doubt I'll make them again though:(
They are simple looking, but were a bitcharooneydooney to machine for some reason.

Unknown said...

I got one in the mail today! Very cool Cuzz!