Sunday, November 12, 2017

One Inch Tellurium Copper Scale Cube SUS

Hello all,
Today I have  20 "One Inch Tellurium Copper Cubes" ready to go via a Sign Up Sale.
Physical Specs: 
Material is Tellurium Copper.
These measure 1.000" cubed....duh ;)
Finished in the tumbler which made a sweet contrast between the surfaces, and the engraved areas.
USA = $90.00
OCONUS = $120.00
Sign up is Closed.
Here are the winners:
20     elfan   
9     JMA Geek   
1     Yellow Dragon Benoit Pew   
25     ChiefK   
8     Terrence Black John Crook   
17     Cube   
15     Sir Jack Gutt   
12     Ned Cockparrot   
19     Merrick Roger Sharpe   
21     cjh1955   
11     Not So Confused Old Person   
7     Kongre D. Kato   
2     Karraje Black d'Artigas   
18     Bodyman   
10     Slarty Bartfarce   
26     rugerfanuk   
3     Harry Charles Karnage   
22     Thomas Black Sabeltann   
27     Bob the builder   
14     MJ
Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
I thank you for checking in eh,


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