Saturday, October 28, 2017

One Inch Bronze Scale Cube SUS

Hiya folks,
 A little while ago I was asked if I'd consider making a run of scale cubes in a larger than 1cm size.
Whelp, here they are "One Inch Bronze Scale Cubes".
While designing these, I realized  there was plenty of canvas to get creative, so I came up with the cool engraving that ya see.
Physical Specs: 
Material is C655 Bronze.
These measure 1.000" cubed....duh ;)
Finished in the tumbler which made a sweet contrast between the surfaces, and the engraved areas.
USA = $90.00
OCONUS = $120.00
Sign ups are Closed.
Here are the winners:
29     Homer Simpson     
8     Purplebeard Bartholomew Malot     
30     Nico Robin Charles Stingaree     
23     Heinrich Ishmael Zanzibar     
27     Jesamiah Black Plank     
34     songheng     
31     Mr I C.U.P     
35     MoMo     
19     Count Cubular     
14     Robert Romulus Grog     
6     Grumpyer1
33     Sir Big Nugget McFreeze     
24     Karraje Arthur Alberic     
7     Sabertooth Gavin Broom   
17     Sandokan Bartholomew DeMillzy   
25     Sanji Joan Fleur     
37     Blue Dragon Smallberry     
38     Neurodoxy     
4     kopi     
16     Trafalgar Angstrom Mindfang     
15     Walker Thomas Pugwash     
26     Moon Marika Pirate     
13     Old Confused Person     
20     Horatio D. Red
Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
I appreciate ya stopping by,

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