Thursday, December 8, 2016

Super Conductor Healing Pyramid Auction

Alrighty then,
How you all doing eh?
Let's have us an auction.
Up on the block is a one off  Healing Pyramid.
Material for this beauty is Bronze/Niobium Super Conductor.
If ya look close the Niobium filaments are  hexagonal in shape.
This measures 1.125 high, and 1.125 square about the base, same as the recent Aluminum versions.
Bidding is Closed.
High bid was $666.66....thanks to all who bid.
Apologies for the pictures, I did the best I could....what do ya want I'm a machinist, not a photographer.
Once the auction action is complete an Email notification with payment information will be sent to the high bidderfrom , so be sure to check your spam folder after the auctions end.once the sale is over.
Thanks so much one, and all for your support,

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