Saturday, December 17, 2016

Brass Healing Pyramid SUS

Today I have 28 "Brass Healing Pyramids" available for what is most likely the last sale of 2016.

These measure 1.125 high, and 1.125 square about the base.
Finish is machined right out of the CNC.
Material is 360 series Brass.
USA price is $50.00.
OCONUS price is $80.00.

Sign up is Closed.
Here are he winners:

48Walker Arthur Spade
10 Trav
18 Spade Walker D. Blastside
12 Diego de la Napier
25 Carlos Spicyweiner
23 Santa, I've (not really) been good...
30 Maxi La Brown
19 Johnny Von Law
4 Baldimar Huerta
11 rugerfanuk
46 Rip-Rap Cockparrot Khan
22 argonauta
5 Thoas Benoit Squint
15 Malot La Ramsey
44 Henriette de la Licorice
47 Santana Claus
3 Johannes Long John Juan
32 PDorris
41 FreddyMomo
21 Tatrus
36 Go Blue 53
34 Dave A
31 Lamora Du Raleigh
6 Brother Long John Mindfang
43 Grumpyer1
17 Korsars Santana Rackham
9 Bloody Jesamiah Rool
29 wadech

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,

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