Monday, September 21, 2015

The Last Lefty Mach III Nebuli SUS

 Hey Lefties,
( I want you all to imagine I was able to get Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz of the Beastie Boys to yell that for me eh.... )

 Today for your consideration I have the very last Lefty Damascus Bladed Nebuli Mach III in my checkered frame style ready for a sign up sale.
One piece 6AL4V Titanium integral frame.
 .375 thick, 1.000 wide, and 2.500 closed, and 3.875 opened.
Blade material is Chad Nichols forged Stainless Steel Damascus in Raindrop pattern, wonderfully etched. and finish ground by Tom Krein.
Actual blade cutting edge is 1.500 in length.
Featuring a custom Titanium thumb disk anodized Blue as well as matching Blue anodizing of the frame checkering.
Price = $650.00
USA shipping via USPS Insured Priority Mail.
OCONUS shipping via USPS Priority International Mail. I'm not responsible for lost/stolen international packages once I drop them off at the Post Office.
Sign up is Closed.
Entry  LINK disabled.

Here is the winner:
12 Vyse Arthur Scratch

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