Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nebuli Mach III Auction

Howdy kids,
Let's have ourselves an Auction.
Up for grabs is a special Nebuli Mach III.
Physical specs:
One piece Chad Nichols forged Moku-Ti integral frame in a stellar heat anodized finish I might add.
Blade material is Chad Nichols forged Stainless Steel Damascus in Whiplash pattern, wonderfully etched. and finish ground by Tom Krein.
.375 thick, 1.000 wide, and 2.500 closed, and 3.875 opened.
Actual cutting edge is 1.500 in length.
But wait, there's more, a custom Moonglow thumb disk, and a teardrop Moonglow scale inlay followed by a 2mm*8mm Green Self Lighting Gas Vial installed in the lockbar.
This will be the only Nebuli Mach III offered via an auction, the few remaining knives from this run will be via regular sign up sales.
This Auction ended at  9:00pm Eastern Wednesday 9/2.
The LINK to bid has been removed.
High bid was  $1150.00, thank to all the bidders.
Ever appreciative of your support,


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Any Levels coming up?