Thursday, January 23, 2014

Clockwork Top SUS

Hi there folks,
Today for your consideration, I have 13 "Clockwork Tops" for a Sign Up Sale.
Material is Tellurium Copper.
These measure 1.855 in diameter by 1.00 in height, and feature a 1/16 hardened 440C stainless steel ball bearing in the tip.
This is all there are for these, and we likely won't see any others for some time. I have another design I want to try, but need to get back on track with the Nebuli knife run first.
I really dig these, and want to give everyone a fair shot at entering, so sign ups will close @ 8:00 PM Eastern time Friday evening.
I'll Email the winners shortly after the random generator thingy does it's bit with payment info.
USA = $65.00
OCONUS = $84.00
Thanks for your patience in this long SUS, here are the winners:
154 st5tokyo

198 Ben L.

181 Rudy P

12 Jan R


216 Jon G

174 Christopher S

228 Baldimar L

127 M_yo

37 Caitlyn h

98 elfan

81 Mariam F

190 retired teacher

Payment Emails will be sent momentarily.
Thanks for checking in,