Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bantam Top SUS

Hey all,
Ayep, I couldn't resist trying another Top design.
These are small compared to the others I've produced so far, hence the "Bantam" nomenclature.
Physical specs:
Material is 360 Series Brass.
Dimensions are, .950 OD x .8125 in height with a .156 dia. spindle featuring a 1/16 hardened 440C stainless steel ball bearing in the tip.
There's 18 available for this Sign Up Sale. 
USA = $45.00
OCONUS = $64.00
Sign ups are CLOSED, and here are the winners out of 183 entrants:
74 Ted

2 VW

116 William D

50 Gary M

3 Frank I

7 Josh

11 Dan Mac

102 Winner

128 Marco

15 JdJ

182 Ryan C

72 Vincent

5 Paul

139 Mike E


57 Matt H

92 Nick w

169 Andy Reid

Payment Emails to follow.
Ever appreciative of your consideration,


Unknown said...

Great stuff Kenn. Keep it coming.

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