Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve Brass Pea Whistle SUS

Howdy all,
I hope everyone has been having a grand Holiday season.
Today I have another 30 of the Brass Pea Whistles set to go via a Sign Up Sale.
Physical Specs:
360 Series Brass 1.625 long x 1.000 high, and .625 thick, featuring a 6mm Air Soft pellet as the Pea.
The finish is just plain right out of the CNC.
Just so you know I still have a slew of these in process, but wanted to get in one more sale this year :)
USA = $70.00
OCONUS = $89.00
Thanks for entering, here are the winners:
77 Youngjoon C

69 Neo M

44 dan s

29 CE

88 Murray S

92 Mark S

67 John F

78 Robert L

79 Robert L

8 Aaron K

89 Dan C

36 Charlie F

38 Clarence

65 Stephen T. T

28 Grant Ring

59 rockymtnnomad

1 VW

32 Roman G

61 Leo B

82 Danav

51 Kirby S

56 M_yo

21 jim M

42 Nick A

93 John E

55 Luis C. M

46 Barry B.

16 hsj

84 ktbear

19 Michaelmichaelmotorcycle

Have a great New Years Eve,

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey. Number "1" won. Thanks for doing these SUS's. Gives everyone a legitiment chance.
Happy New Year!