Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brass Pea Whistle SUS

Hello all,
Up for a Sign Up Sale today I have 15 Brass Pea Whistles ready to go.
Physical Specs:
360 Series Brass 1.625 long x 1.000 high, and .625 thick, featuring a 6mm Air Soft pellet as the Pea.
The finish is just plain right out of the CNC.
I really wanted to use the Brass screws, but to my dismay none of my suppliers stock them.
I had to custom order these, and I'm really glad I did they look great.
Now don't go getting worried I made a lot of these, so there will be several waves of them to come.
I'm thinking I may stone wash some future ones as well.
USA = $70.00
OCONUS = $89.00
Sign ups are Closed, and here are the winners:
85 Paul S

8 Dean R

55 nate b

73 Valerie J

45 Bradley H

63 Cory R

114 Eric G

27 coolz

90 Jcrazy

10 Joe

5 Tom T

95 Robert L

32 Chris M

97 Brett W

19 Josh
Congratulations, Emails with payment info are on the way.
Happy Holidays folks,

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