Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rexolite Cam Bead SUS.

Hiya kids,
Today I have just 12 plain Rexolite Cam Beads up for grabs via a Sign Up Sale.
While not as cool as the "Slotted" version, I find em pretty neat. Oh, and ya don't have to spend another $100ish on Self Lighting Gas Vials these.... lol
Rexolite Cam Bead Physical specs:
Plain machined finish.
.600 diameter x .5625 in length.
.0625 diameter spot drill accents in all 9 cam lobes.
.201 diameter hole thru the bead center to accommodate para cord.
Rexolite is a type of plastic, so it may not be wise to put this item on your keys, and risk sitting on it while in your pocket.
On a knife lanyard, or as a zipper pull on a jacket, or pack would be swell though.
USA = $50.00
OCONUS = $69.00
Here are our winners:
Emails with payment info to follow.

13 Frank Incalcaterra

15 Andrew W.

108 el

47 Trisha S

38 Joelz deJezuz

57 TigerLily

91 John Forlizzi

97 tom webster

66 nj giants fan

72 Clarence

101 davecmoc

114 Larissa


Slim said...

Just seeing if we were up ready for church. Right.

Slim said...

Dang it. It showed null for me. As in nothing. All I could see was the title. That's why I posted the first comment.

There was no post nowhere to sign up. Now I can see it. After the fact any winners want to trade for one for a CU let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

Same for me, Slim.