Monday, October 14, 2013

Slotted Titanium Cam Bead SUS

Good morning all,
Today I'm proud to offer you fine folks a crack at one of eight Slotted Cam Beads in Titanium. 
I had envisioned these being a real pain comparable to the Ti Mini Triple Cube woes I recently experienced with a lot of hand work being needed post machining. While they came out just wonderful, the machine cycle time per piece was several times that of any previous Cam Beads.
There are 30ish plain/unslotted Ti Cams that I'll post up later in the week.
Slotted Titanium Cam Bead Physical specs:
Plain machined finish.
.600 diameter x .5625 in length.
.0625 diameter spot drill accents in all 9 cam lobes.
.201 diameter hole thru the bead center to accommodate para cord.
These feature 9 milled slots to accept 2mm*8mm Self Lighting Gas Vials.
The Vials, and Norland 61 Optical Adhesive can be sourced from several different places. 
USA = $75.00.
OCONUS = $94.00
Here are the winners out of 241 entrants.
Emails in a few.
127 Ahtoys

217 Andrew Choi

205 loxahatcheedawg

94 weird1

145 Tim Kemp

17 Keyser Söze

15 John Shingara

83 Clif Watkins

Thanks all,

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thepaintballguy said...

Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy your functional art Kenn!