Monday, July 16, 2012

"Red Brass Triple Cubes"

Howdy all,
 Today I have what could possibly be the final run of "Red Brass Triple Cubes".
I say this since while making these I used the last of the Red Brass that I'd been using all these years.
I'm not sure if it's even available from any of the material suppliers anymore?
I will check into it, but can't promise there will be any more in this material.
Made From 1 inch square Red Brass stock finished to .900 X .900 X .900.
It's a cube inside a cube inside a cube.
Great for use as a key fob, zipper pull or what have you.
There is a 2 per person limit for this sale. 1st. come 1st. served.
USA price is $36.00.
!!Sold Out!!
OCONUS is $44.00. 
Please send an Email to: if you'd care to make a purchase, and to confirm availability.
Once again, your support is greatly appreciated.

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Wes said...

Thanks for the sale Kenny!!

Congrats on the Milestone 100 followers!! :)