Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Titanium Mini Triple Cubes"

Hey everyone,
Today I have the Titanium Mini Triple Cubes ready to go.
These are .450 cubed, and make neat lanyard beads, zipper pulls, or are just fun to look at.
Here is what I have available:

5 Plain !!Sold!!
5 Green anodized. !!Sold!!
5 Blue anodized. !!Sold!!
5 Copper/Gold anodized. !!Sold!!

Pricing is $30.00 each.
USA folks shipping will be $5.00.
OCONUS peoples your shipping will be $12.00
To make a purchase, please send an Email to:
Please be sure to include your choice of color/colors.
I'll respond to the Emails in the order received either with payment info, or a sorry you missed them.
Thanks all,


Island Man said...

Thanks, Kenn
They are awesome!

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks once again all.