Monday, November 21, 2011

"Translucent Green G-10 Lanterns"

Hi all,
So I was walking past the stock rack at the shop the other day, and saw this 1/2" diameter rod of Translucent G-10 sitting there. A light bulb moment occurred, let's make a Self  Lighting Gas Lantern with this stuff.
I machined it all up, inserted the vial, then ran to the bathroom with the lights off to check it out.
Yep, just as I thought, not only do you get the light from the viewing holes, but the G-10 itself glows as well:)
They were tough to photograph, and are quite more impressive in person.
.500 diameter * 1.500 long Translucent G-10.
3mm * 23mm SLGV.
#10-32 stainless steel socket set screw drilled thru for additional vial viewing.
20 viewing ports.
 Black Paracord lanyard.
I have 2 0 available out of the 4 prototypes made. !!SOLD!!
USA price is $95.00.
If you'd care to make a purchase, just send an Email to:
Happy Thanksgiving,

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Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

These two have been sold.
Thanks for the support folks.

Here's hoping everyone has a great Thanksgiving Holiday....:)