Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"A Gift For The Misses....."

or your Mum, Daughter, Sister, Niece, Aunt, Girlfriend, Girlfriends Girlfriend???
Hey folks,
I just finished these up today in time for Holiday gift giving:)
What are they you ask?
Well what we have here are my "Titanium Mini Triple Cubes" done up as Earrings.
 Grade 2 commercially pure Titanium .450*.450*.450 in size. Featuring hypoallergenic Niobium wires.
Here is what I have available, starting in the picture background.
1 pair Gold anodized.!!Sold!!
0 pair Purple anodized.!!Sold!!
0 pair Blue anodized.!!Sold!!
0 pair Plain non-anodized. !!Sold!!
1 pair Ultraviolet anodized. !!Sold!!
0 pair Green anodized.!!Sold!!
0 pair Army Camo anodized....I got distracted while doing the anodize, still kinda cool. !!Sold!!
USA price is $85.00 a pair.
USPS Money Orders are fine too (not sure if I can get it to you prior to the Holiday  this way though).
Please send an Email to: to make a purchase.
Don't forget to specify your color choice.
Enjoy the photos,

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