Saturday, October 1, 2011

"I could use a nap"

How's this for production?
Yup there's 120 Whistles setting there, go ahead count them.
Late Wednesday the Boss said it would be a few more days until I got the next job for the one of Machining Centers from the Lathe guys.
I jumped at the opportunity, and asked if I could run my Whistles since it was open.
The downside, was I had to redo all my programs since I had written them for the other CNC. That was a late evening.
So, these bodies are all machined.
I still need to make the caps, deburr everything, tie lanyards, and bag & tag.
While they aren't quite ready this is much better than mid November I was planning on.
By the way I believe my Wife thinks I have moved to the shop.


vegassprky said...

Wow Kenn!!!!! Better make something nice for the wife!!!! And yes I did count them! :>) Gary

eman said...


A man on a mission!

You were on fire with these!

Incredible work

thanks for the blog updates of this project.


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

You kidding? She has 1st. dibs;)
She said she needs one during recess when she substitutes. The school provides em, but she'd like her own germ free one.

I figured since I had been talking them up for so long I had better get some going.

As always I appreciate the comments,

Wes said...

LOL it's all about keeping the wife happy ;)

What a GREAT! Pic Kenny. Now that is an awesome first run. Hmmm I was trying to look real hard to distinguish which were the few Ti ones hehehe :P

Unknown said...

very very cool - does your shop do small custom orders - I'm a custom knifemaker and I want to start getting parts CNC out?

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Haha keep looking, no Ti ones yet;)

You can shoot me an Email.
We are a job shop, but it's ultimately up to the boss as to what work we accept.

Unknown said...

what's next?

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

I have the Ti Ring from a few posts back that need to get finished 1st.
Then I'll take a look at my project list to see what's up next:)