Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Field Hone"

Well I have had this idea for  a while now, and had some time to make a couple of prototypes.
The handle is .375 diameter 6AL4V Titanium, while the business end is .250 diameter micro grain carbide.
I have been saving my broken carbide end mills for some time now figuring I'd could come up with some use for them, so that's where the micro grain carbide was sourced.
I surface ground a flat onto the carbide, and then with my carbidizer added a layer to the flat to give the surface some texture.
Okay, while can't re profile your blade with it.
If you're out camping, and dull up your Jared Ryan Price friction folder slicing Lemons to garnish Margaritas on a hunk of firewood for all your friends you can resharpen it with this little hone.
Hope you like em,


vegassprky said...

Kenn its cool that you can salvage these broken bits that would most likely be thrown away! Wish I had a JRP folder like that! Am looking forward to when I can get my Nebulii not soon enough though but will as soon as I can!!!! How well does the repurposed tool work? Are they going to be for sale or are they just an experiment? Gary :>)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks Gary,
I'm going to try one out for a few days to see how they hold up.
So far so good, I've honed every knife with in reach of the living room sofa. You'd be surprised how many that is by the way....hehehe