Saturday, April 9, 2011

"A Few In Process Items"

Hey kids,
Check em out, I have a few in process items I thought you all might like to take a gander at.
1st. up are a couple of new Lanterns I've been working on.
These are made from 1" diameter Lucite, and encapsulate a Green 18mm sphere.
I still need to add a lanyard/split ring feature, and then polish em up.
They were done completely in the mill, no lathe.
The radius on the cap really magnifies the sphere.
I doubt they will become a regular item as the spheres are quite costly themselves.
A neat project none the less.

Next we have a few Ti Drives in process.
Still need to do the final fitting, polishing, anodize, and install the Self Lighting Gas Vials.
The good news is as soon as these are complete, I'll be going hog wild on the Pea Whistles.
There will be a large run of them, so there should be plenty to go around.
Enjoy the weekend, Kenn


eman said...


Great items! The lucite lanterns are amazing looking.

I hope to score another Ti drive....

Very useful!

thanks for the update!


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks for the kudos.
The Lanterns are pretty cool.
I'm real happy with them so far.

Wes said...

Nice new item Kenny. I love seeing the JMA lantern in new designs.

The Ti drives are definitely at the top of my to have list if I can ever afford one haha ;)


eman said...


if you are happy with the lanterns, we will be happy!

Wes you need a Ti drive!


vegassprky said...

Nice stuff as always Kenn! Nice seeing your new and old ideas! Thanks for the update and pics! May is coming !!! Gary :>)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks guys,
I just got home from a local manufacturing show & tell event with my boss.
A fairly boring affair. It was supposed to be a networking event where customers are looking for vendors, but it was mostly vendors there.
I did have some JMA items out on our table that were well received. It was actually the boss who told me to bring them:)