Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well I got ambitious the last two days, and finished up these three new Plexi Cubes. As you can see in my really poor pictures, only one has a self lighting gas vial inserted. This is only because I haven't done the complete install with the Norland 61 epoxy yet. I know, I'm lazy.
So here are the specifics,
1.000" square Plexiglass, with .750 diameter X .125 wide slots milled on all six sides leaving a .500 diameter boss in each. This leaves us with two separate pieces, the outside square and the inside six bosses being the other. In addition I milled my makers mark on one boss, drilled, and reamed another to accept a 2 mm X 12. 5 mm self lighting gas vial. I also added a 45 degree chamfer to all of the sharp edges.
Whew, is that a detailed enough description for ya?
Once again the pics don't do these justice.
Thanks for looking, Kenn


Wes said...

Nice work Kenny! these look super cool :)
I think your right about the pics not doing them justice ;)

Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

Thanks Wes,
The pic on the right is truer to what they look like in person. Still it could be much better.
Hey, I'm a Machinist not a Photographer.