Saturday, February 27, 2010

SLGV* One Off Lantern

I thought I'd share my latest Self Lighting Gas Lantern, I have no plans to make others quite like this. It was just a little project to keep me sane.
Material 360 Naval Brass, 1.875 over all length by .750 hex.
All six side have a viewing slot, and the bottom employs a 1/4-20 ss socket set screw modified with a viewing hole as well. I made a Lucite tube to protect the Self Lighting Gas Vial. At the top I added some fancy ball mill divots for aesthetics.
I purposely used the Brass so this will show wear, tear, and tarnishing over time. The goal is to have this look like something out of a futuristic Sci-Fi movie.
Thanks for checking in folks, Kenn


eman said...


I love the look of this one--very nice details.

It will be great on a keyring!


Kenn Jordan Jr. said...

As always thank you for the encouraging comments.
I hope you enjoy it, and please put it to use instead of collecting dust on a shelf.

Wes said...

NICE! John I did not realize you bought this beauty!! good for you brother. Nice work on this one Kenny. We need to get John over to our playground ;)


eman said...

I love the brass. This will get definite use on a keyring.

Great items.

Wes, I need directions to the playground!