Saturday, December 18, 2021

Titanium Intergalactic Gavel Sign Up Sale

Oh hey there, have ya missed me?

Quick recap:

Last October the machine shop where I worked for nearly 31 years was sold. 

While the new owners offered us all employment, the drive to their facility is an hour & ten minutes one way!

Fortunately I was able to find another shop local to me. 11 months on, and everything is going well. I'm quite happy working there. with that said I hope you can understand my hiatus. I fully intend to produce JMA stuffs in the near future, however I can't say when & how often I'll be posting sales.

Moving on to the good stuff, I'm pretty sure I remember how to do

 I have the last of the "Intergalactic Gavels" to offer up via a sign up sale.

These are the all Ti version.

I have 12 available.

 Physical Specs:

Material: Titanium

Head  is .745 * 2.000 long.

Handle is  .6125 * 3.4375 long when screwed into the head.

Head & handle will come  assembled however I did not add any Loctite to the handle threads.

USA = $225.00

OCONUS =  Sorry, no International shipping for this sale.

Sign up is Closed

All who entered won. 

4     Jerry Grant     
1     John Henry Smallberry     
5     Barrett James Pugwash     
2     Angstrom Gavin Balit
7     Hesterman     
3     Stickybeard Santana Balit     
6     Dank     
8     Scott     
9     Brun Sharte DePantse 

I know it's a small sign up window, but I'm hoping to get these to the winners before Xmas.

So, if you do end up a winner prompt payment would be most appreciated as I'd like to ship em all out Monday morning.

One entry per person, and here is the LINK to sign up for a chance to purchase 1.

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder after the winners have been announced.

Thank you,



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Steve said...

I missed the signup. Any chance you have anything for sale?

Thanks, Steve