Saturday, August 29, 2020

"Apockalypse 294" Brass Cube Set Of Two Sign Up Sale


 Hello all,

 I was quite surprise by how popular the Ti Apockalypse 294 Cubes were, and received a bunch of requests for more in a different material.
Alrighty then here they are...... "Apockalypse 294" Brass Cubes.
The number 294 denotes the total number of "pips" on each cube.
Again  as with the Ti version, I'm offering these as a set of 2 pieces. Each will come in it's own
baggie with a tag.
I have 22 "sets" available.
Physical specs:
Material: 360 Series Brass
.718 Cubed

Sign up is Closed 

Thank you to all who signed up.
Here are the winners:

7     Maxi Joan Tannen     
18     Blackbeard Walker D. Bizzarly  
8     Bow to the Monkeyboy     
4     Mulligan Ishmael Gutt     
12     Homer J     
9     Gilbert Walker D. Ayrton     
24     Bloody Chopper Levasseur     
26     Skunkbeard Du Crook     
19     Leadustwokings     
14     Bronco33     
20     Go Fredrick go!!!!     
10     Alexander Hamilton     
16     James Angstrom Ironhook     
3     Yellow Szpirglas     
2     Whisker Gavin Starjammer     
1     walker texas ranger     
22     Toote liquide de la pantse     
17     Adolf Oliver nips     
11     Dutch Walker D. Bellamy     
15     Stickybeard Cockparrot Rusty     
23     Guybrush Cockparrot Nabel     
6     Zhang Bartholomew Durie

USA = $90.00
OCONUS = $125.00

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder after the
winners have been announced.

Prompt payment is appreciated after the sale.
Ever appreciative,


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Anonymous said...

Ken, think I may have been drawn as I believe I see my alias on the list. I didn't receive an email from signupsale, anything you can do in order to check/resend the email? My signup email was g*************