Monday, August 26, 2019

Bronze Dwarf Geoshpere Sign Up Sale

Hi there folks,
 Up for your consideration today I have some "Bronze Dwarf Geoshperes".
These are1/3rd. smaller than the original Geospheres making them lanyard bead friendly.
Each Geosphere is handled 10 time during the machining process.
After machining, I gave them a stone washing which gave them a nice overall look, and feel.
Measuring .600" over the flats with 7/64, and 5/32diameter thru holes.

Sign up is Closed
Thank you to all who signed up.
Here are the winners:

32     Cockparrot Charles Vyse   
21     Sean Perez   
26     Yellow Pete Arthur Atomsk     
3     Chung Angstrom de la Vega     
6     Charlotte Tannen     
39     Dwayne Long John Smallberry
31     Vote Kenn Jr for POTUS 2020     
9     Eliot Gelwan   
10     Drongo Black John Kirkland     
29     Odorous rectal emanations     
14     Khan Ishmael Nabel     
17     Sanchez Cockparrot Whiskerrub     
16     Marika Black John Darkwater     
2     TJ   
1     Hesterman   
28     Homer J   
7     Monkeyboy in the house   
27     Red Ned Merrick   
25     Roronoa Clegg   
19     Badgerbeard Joan Manjanungo   
34     rugerfanuk   
4     Ricky Ticky Tarvy   
5     Nami Spinneret Kar-Thon   
13     Cockparrot   
15     wadech   
35     Monkey Snake   
33     Gimli son of Glóin   
20     DanoTopp   
36     Locke Gavin Furuuru 

USA price = $50.00
OCONUS price = $85.00

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.

Thanks for checking in,

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