Saturday, February 23, 2019

Lime Green TurboGlow Lantern Sign Up Sale

Good afternoon all,
 I have  9 "Lime Green TurboGlow Lanterns" available via a Sign Up Sale.
These are made from TurboGlow material, and feature an Green 3mm * 23mm Self Lighting Gas Vial, SS split ring, and use a  #8-32 socket set screw for captivation of the vial.
Physical specs: .375 diameter * 1.348 in length.
USA price is $125.00
OCONUS price is $155.00

Sign up is Closed.
 Thank you all for entering.
Here are the winners:
1     Charlotte Vulmea    
12     Syrup Jack Jones    
24     Mindfang Sabertooth    
13     Wahoowa!    
11     Bigbeard Von Morgan    
2     Bras Charles Murray    
25     Fozzy    
9     rugerfanuk    
23     Minerva Chopper Danneskjold

Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
Thanks for the support,


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