Friday, September 1, 2017

JMA Token Set General Sale

Hello all,
 Up for your consideration today I have 10 sets of these neat lil JMA Tokens.
That's right, it's a set. If you make a purchase you will receive one "KJ" makers mark, and one "Starburst" token.
These make for nice lotto scratchers, worry coins, or maybe use one as a card marker in your next high stakes poker game.

Physical specs:
Material is 110 series Copper, .156 thick x .950 diameter. Both sides have been 3D interpolated to a concave dish for grip, and there is a "V" groove machined about the outside diameter.

USA = $60.00
OCONUS = $90.00 

***SOLD OUT***
I will post a few more sets in the near future, and that'll be the end of em.... One time deal, never to be made again.

Thanks so much folks,

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