Saturday, March 4, 2017

Brass Oloid Sign Up Sale

Good day all,
 A lil while ago someone asked if I might be able to produce this shape called an "Oloid".
At first glance I didn't think so, as holding the shape, and milling around the whole part profile seemed impossible. Sure, I could do the 1st. half, but that left nothing to securely hold when machining the 2nd. half.
 This bugged me quite a bit as I really wanted to make this cool piece. After pondering the dilemma for several days, I came to the conclusion I could do it if I were to make it a 2 piece assembly.
 I whipped up a few prototypes, then tuned up my programs finally producing a small run I'm most pleased with.
A quick internet search will provide you with all the info on this intriguing shape.
Right then,
For this SUS I have 11 360 series Brass Oloids available.
These measure 2.078 in length by 1.3859 over the diameters.
Weight is a hefty 4.8 ounces.
I finished these in the tumbler giving em a nice antiqued look.
USA = $180.00
OCONUS = $215.00
Sign up will be Closed.
Here are the winners:
16 Shake it like a Poloid
15 Bill D. Wall
13 Yellow Cockparrot
6 Rokuro Black Bones
24 Schmee
14 Patty Chopper Teague
7 Anthonyk
12 Nik
19 Sabertooth Dragon
4 Bloody Von Mipps
26 Aifread Gavin Scratch
Winning Email notifications with payment information are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.

Thank you all,

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I remember learning about these. Discovered by a Mr Schatz. I thought that was funny.