Sunday, January 10, 2016

TiTe Pocket Level SUS

Good Morning folks,
Let's have the 1st. Sign Up Sale of 2016.
Today I have 10 TiTe Pocket Levels ready to go.
Physical specs:
Material: 6AL4V Titanium with a Tellurium Copper captivation plug, hence the TiTe nomenclature.
Height .5625, Width .447, Overall Length 2.375.
One end features a 45 degree angle, while the other sports a 30/60 depending how you're holding the level.
USA = $125.00
OCONUS = $144.00
Sign up is Closed
Here are the winners:
73     Khan Jack Cockparrot    
69     Clean1    
42     gmerin    
44     Lucaszy    
7     Sneaky Von Plank    
62     Jp fr    
86     Slashing Smith    
66     jaggedx    
36     Henriette La Terrible    
27     zapp brannigan 

Winning Email notifications are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
Thanks for dropping by,
Oh yeah, I know this picture is horrid.... I got carried away with editing it, and well yeah it's just awful.

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