Sunday, December 6, 2015

Anti Abduction Amulet SUS

Hiya folks,
Today for a Sign Up Sale I have 3 "Anti Abduction Amulets ".
Okay so maybe they're just challenge coins, or worry stones, but are you really prepared to take that chance if/when you get abducted?
This was a spur of the moment project, and I really wasn't prepared with a proper amount of stock on hand so there's just a few of these to be had.
I dig all things space, and or alien related.
After watching the Ancient Aliens program which focused on an found item called "The Roswell Rock". I said to myself I wanna do something with that design, which also popped up as a crop circle in Europe in the past.
I really like how the machining marks from the 1/16 endmill ended up resembling the crop circle images I've seen. 
I set to work laying out the design, and was quite intrigued by rigid math involved in what appears to be a straight forward image.
Material = 6061-T6 Aluminum ......UFO grade of course.
.1875 thick with dimensions of 1.750 x 2.000 over the ellipse shape.
The image is machined on both sides for a full on fiddle factor.
USA = $85.00
OCONUS = $104.00
Sign up is Closed
Here are the winners:
30     rugerfanuk    
51     rockymtnomad    
57     Mike J

Winning Email notifications are sent from , so be sure to check your spam folder once the sale is over.
Thank you,

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