Sunday, August 16, 2015

Titanium Cam Bead SUS

 Howdy kids,
Here we go with a "Titanium Cam Bead" sign up sale.
Titanium Cam Bead Physical specs:
.600 diameter x .5625 in length. .0625 diameter spot drill accents in all 9 cam lobes.
 .201 diameter hole thru the bead center to accommodate para cord.
These were given a good stonewashing, and then blasted with Garnet leaving them with a really nice satin finish.
I have anodized these in a variety of colors so should you win it'll be a surprise as to what ya get.
USA = $55.00
OCONUS = $74.00

Sign up is Closed
Here are the winners:
 42     Redbeard Morgan    
24     I wish I could buy your house :)    
26     dans    
8     jaggedx    
31     e man    
37     Chase    
30     Dirty Water    
46     The Road warrior    
39     FM Atom    
28     grumpyer1    
12     gmerin    
45     KLH    
10     ralphdrocketman    
22     LeFwee Joan Atomsk    
20     Deckard    
49     Dorian 
15     elfan

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