Monday, July 27, 2015

Slotted Tellurium Copper Cam Bead SUS

Hi Folks,
This evening I have 16 Slotted Tellurium Copper Cam Beads.
 These feature 3 milled slots about the center Cam to accept 2mm*8mm Self Lighting Gas Vials.
The Vials, and Norland 61 Optical Adhesive can be sourced from several different places, you could also fill the slots with a glow powder/epoxy mix, or leave them as is.
Tellurium Copper Cam Bead Physical specs:
Finish is tumbled, then garnet bead blasted.
.600 diameter x .5625 in length.
.0625 diameter spot drill accents in all 9 cam lobes. 
.201 diameter hole thru the bead center to accommodate para cord.
USA = $40.00
OCONUS = $59.00
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Anonymous said...

This is a mad rush, your getting better than a sign up every 15 seconds so far.

Popcorn Recipes said...

Greaat read thanks